driving school

Steven Van Strien, Louth

Amanda has been a fantastic driving instructor from day one. She provided a positive and friendly environment which made learning to drive an absolute joy, from the very first lesson I could see my confidence and skills as a driver increased tenfold. Amanda was never late, very flexable and I coudn’t have found a better instructor.

She recognised my weaknesses as a driver and helped me to improve them in a supporting environment. Amanda was always up for a laugh which made learning to drive a lot of fun but she also knew when to be serious, she never made me feel nervous or doubt my ability in driving, she knew how to improve my weaknesses/mistakes in a constructive and positive way.

Her prices are fair and very competitive. Her personality is amazing, her skills as a driver and as an instructor are second to none. I have already recommended Amanda to many of my friends and I would highly recommend her to any learner or nervous driver of any skill level.

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