• Just wanted to say a big thank you to Amanda for getting me through my test,  she had great patients getting rid of my bad habits, and my boys will definitely be taking there lessons with her……

    Paula Halligan Ardee Dundalk test centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • To-day I passed my test 1st time and it’s all thanks to this women.  She is an amazing instructor.  I could not have picked a better one.  Thank you so much for everything and all your patience.   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Sinead Keogh Drogheda Dundalk test centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda is an amazing driving instructor.  I took my test to-day and passed with a completely clean sheet all thanks to her!  Amanda was extremely knowledgeable, great patience, professional,friendly and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the test!  I would highly recommend Amanda.

    Colleen De Stainleigh Dundalk Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Passed my driving test to-day 1st time in Dundalk.  Amanda is a excellent driving instructor.  I couldn’t have done it without her help and her knowledge.  Amanda  made driving sound so easy to me.  She is very flexibly with times and days for booking lessons.  We had a great time together.  I’ve learnt so much from her.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.  For any learner driers out there I would highly recommend Amanda to be your 1st driving instructor .  Thank you so much Amanda.


    Serena Macari Drogheda Dundalk test centre Amanda’s driving school
  • Amanda is brilliant patient and so endearing.  Would recommend to anyone needing driving lessons.  My confidence has sky rocketed thanks to Amanda.

    Craig McCormack Drogheda Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Thanks to Amanda I have passed my test.  She is a brilliant instructor and I would not have it without her.  Highly recommended . Thanks so much.

    Hazel Mooney Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • My road test was coming up so I knew that I wanted to take some lessons before attempting it.  I’m so glad I chose to take lessons with Amanda.  Amanda was both very informative, friendly and great craic!!. She helped me to be more comfortable behind the wheel and gave me some great tips that helped me pass my road test on the first try to-day!  Without these lessons, I definitely would’t have passed right away.  Thank you so much!

    Evan Byrne Dunleer Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda went above and beyond for me in the preparation for my driving test.  I honestly could not have asked for a better instructor.  She was extremly supportive and encouraging throughout.  I cannot thank her enough for all her help and for setting me up for being a safe and confident driver.  I  wish her and the driving school all the very best in the future.driving school

    Kate Finnegan Drogheda Dundalk test centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda is amazing at helping you become ready for the driving test.  She makes you comfortable and confident at driving.  She made the whole situation completely stress free.

    Shauna Goodman Clogherhead Drogheda Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Brilliant teacher, very patient, such a lovely person and has plenty of time for everyone.  Thanks for everything Amanda.

    Sarah Greene Drogheda Dundalk test centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Thank you so much.  Best teacher ever.

    Klocinta Ardee Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Brilliant instructor, clear and very helpful feedback after every lesson.  Never any issues and very reassuring. 10/10

    Ruadhan Pitts Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • I passed with Amanda on my second test attempt, she was so calming and reassuring during lessons when I was very nervous, highly recommend !  Definitely teaches you not just how to drive but how to pass.  Thank you so much.

    Jessica Drew Dundalk Test Centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda has been a terrific driving instructor over the past few months, carefully analysing my driving, giving me the feedback I needed and boasting my confidence behind the wheel.  By taking her advise on board, and that of her husband Brian, I’ve finally passed my driving test;  Thanks Amanda and Brian!

    Cieran Hall Dundalk Test Centre Driving test Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda was absolutely brilliant.  Amanda’s way of teaching really worked for me and she put me at ease and I passed thanks to her.


    Saoirse Dunne Dundalk test centre Amanda’s Driving School
  • Amanda is a great instructor. She is lovely person and I really enjoyed my lessons with her.  I passed my test first time which I would not have been able to do without Amanda! Would highly recommend Amanda’s Driving School.

    Emma Cheshire Dunleer Dundalk test centre
  • I passed my test to-day (first time), it was all thanks to Amanda and Brian.  Both fantastic instructors.  I would highly recommend them both to anyone.  I was nervous and scared of driving and Amanda made me feel so at ease, while teaching me what I needed to know.  I passed on my first attempt and I can never thank them both enough.

    Jemma Dunne Dunleer Dundalk test centre
  • Ciaran McLoughlin from Annagassan did his Driving test in Dundalk and passed first time.

    Highly recommend Amanda if you want to pass first time.

    Ciaran McLoughlin Annagassan Dundalk Test Centre
  • Exatevrine Bolkvadze from Bettystown Drogheda did her driving test in Dundalk.   I’ve just passed my test in Dundalk.  Amanda was my driving instructor.  I could’t have asked for a better instructor than her.  She was friendly supportive and taught me everything I needed to know.   She really is a to class instructor.  Really pleased with the help and service received. 10/10

    Exaterine Bolkvadze Bettystown Drogheda
  • Great teacher.  Thank you so much for all your help.  Highly would recommend Amanda.

    Eleanor Moffitt Drogheda Dundalk test centre
  • Amanda was great!  She really pushed me and made me believe in myself and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for driving lessons.

    Lija Susset Drogheda/Dundalk test centre
  • Shannon Byrne Mullary Dunleer passsed my test first time to-day with Amanda!  Amanda is amazing instructor.  From my first lesson she really put me at ease and explained everything thoroughly.  Amanda has great patience with you and gives you so much confidence.  As an instructor she is second to none and she was always there when I needed someone to talk to .  She helps you believe in yourself and I’ll miss our lessons!  Thank you to Brian from Brian’s Driving School for all his advize and patience with me.  Would definitely recommend them both.

    Shannon Byrne Mullary Dunleer
  • Sandra Doyle form Dunleer  wholeheartly recommend.  Brilliant instructors who put you at ease but also push you to get the best from yourself.  A great company.

    Sandra Doyle Dunleer
  • Maeve Sheils from Ardee .    Amanda is a fantasic driving instructor.  She’s great at putting you at ease from the very first lesson and building up your confidence with driving.  I passed my test first time which I would’nt have been able to do without her, so I really appreciate all her hard work in getting me that point.

    Maeve Sheils Ardee
  • Amanda is a top class driving instructor who leaves you confident and fully prepared to sit your test.  She’s incredibly easy to get on with and makes you feel at ease on the roads.  I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my lessons and I don’t think I would’ve passed first time if it wasn’t for her .  I sat several lessons with her husband Brian also and he too is an excellent driving instructor.  The process of getting your driving license can often be long and painful but with Amanda it was a very pleasant experience and I’ll miss the craic we had every Saturday!

    Morgan McCaughey Dundalk
  • Christina White Dunleer was a nervous beginner. Amanda was such a huge help to me.  She was always encouraging and shared loads of helpful tips.  Her patience is second to none! I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for lessons. Call us for more info or booking your lesson with us. Click Here.

    Christina White Dunleer
  • Couldn’t recommend Amanda anymore, a brilliant teacher and so easy to get on with,honestly the best person to help you pass your test!

    Sean McCaughey Dundalk Test Centre
  • Amanda is an amazing instructor.  She explains everything thoroughly and puts you at ease.  I would recommend her to anybody thinking of learning to drive!  She will work hard to fit you in for lessons and will prepare you very well for the test.  Thank you so much Amanda for all the lessons.  I will miss them!

    Eibhlin Cannon Drogheda
  • Amanda is a fantastic teacher with patience of saint!   She made me feel so at ease and I really looked forward to the lessons.  I really can’t speak highly enough of Amanda and I will be recommending her to everyone.

    Kate Carrigan Dundalk Test Centre
  • What a teacher.  I did my full EDT with Amanda and then did more lessons with Amanda and Brian and passed my test first time with only a couple of marks.  Amanda gave me great information when I was learning and made it very easy to understand what I needed to do.  Amanda and Brian were always there when I needed them.  I recommend them very highly.

    Drew Kieran Dunleer
  • Excellent teacher, very patient and thorough.  Would recommend to anyone.

    Kiera Power Drogheda
  • Passed my test first time with lessons form Amanda.  She is a great teacher.

    Stephen Lane Dunleer
  • Amanda is an incredable driving instructor and I would recommend her to anybody.  She is so patient and informative and I’m glad I had her while preparing for my test.

    Mathew Fee Dundalk
  • Amanda is an excellent instructor great to get along with. I am delighted to have done my lessons with her, wouldn’t have passed without her she is a women that seeks perfection and giving confidence which helped me pass first time.

    Radek Bihary Drogheda
  • Amanda is an amazing instructor.  I highly recommend her to anyone going for a test.  Delighted I passed my test first time.  I started with no experience and after completed my EDT with her plus a few more lessons I made it.  During the lessons all routes were covered and she gave useful tips about the test.  Learning with Amanda has been great and after all those lessons with her the test seem very easy to pass.  Thank you.

    Kei Nan Drogheda
  • Amanda was the most patient and kindest women you will ever meet to be your instructor.  From teaching me how to drive, for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to, she was absolutely amazing and never gave up on me.  It was a pleasure to be your student and I would recommend her for first timers or anyone who just wants to back driving. 10/10

    Victoria Collins Drogheda
  • Amanda is an amazing teacher and person, she is very easy to get along with and is there to assist you in any way possable while learning to drive.  It was a pleasure to get to know her and Brian as they prepared me for the test.  There was a lot of laughter and fun which made it much easier to learn to drive.  I would definitely recommend both Amanda and Brian to any driver looking for guidance, as they almost make it seem easy.  Finally I would just like to say a huge thank you again to Amanda and I hope to see you soon.

    Darragh Fanning Dunleer
  • Amanda has been a fantastic driving instructor from day one. She provided a positive and friendly environment which made learning to drive an absolute joy, from the very first lesson I could see my confidence and skills as a driver increased tenfold. Amanda was never late, very flexable and I coudn’t have found a better instructor.

    She recognised my weaknesses as a driver and helped me to improve them in a supporting environment. Amanda was always up for a laugh which made learning to drive a lot of fun but she also knew when to be serious, she never made me feel nervous or doubt my ability in driving, she knew how to improve my weaknesses/mistakes in a constructive and positive way.

    Her prices are fair and very competitive. Her personality is amazing, her skills as a driver and as an instructor are second to none. I have already recommended Amanda to many of my friends and I would highly recommend her to any learner or nervous driver of any skill level.

    Steven Van Strien, Louth
  • I started my lessons with Amanda from scratch and I couldn’t recommend her any higher. She possesses every quality and trait, if not more, needed in a driving instructor. I found her method of teaching very rewarding and after every lesson my confidence while driving grew more and more. She is very encouraging,patient,approachable and punctual. On the day of my test she couldn’t have been more helpful. She recommended that I do a lesson right before my test in order to get rid of the nerves and ensured me that any silly mistakes would be out of my system for the real thing. She kindly waited with me at the test centre until the tester was ready for me which kept me calm and thankfully I passed on my first attempt. It is also worth mentioning that Amanda will not push you to take extra unnecessary lessons, she understands how costly it is for learner driver and will only recommend you take extra lessons if needed in order for you to pass your test. Thank you for everything Amanda, I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for lessons.

    Kim Madden, Dundalk
  • Amanda is a wonderful instructor, second to none! I passed first time after getting lessons from her. I found her to be very patient, professional and friendly. She tailored my lessons to suit my driving skills, while also following the EDT course. She is flexible with lesson times and would always try her best to work around my schedule. A very pleasant and reasonable instructor. I recommend her to everyone.

    Emmanuel Odekeye, Dundalk
  • From the very first lesson I knew Amanda was the right choice to be my driving instructor. Her skill was obvious, she’s a professional but at the same time was fun to learn with and made me feel comofrotable and like I was making good progress. Most importantly I passed my test the first time. I honestly had great craic learning with Amanda and was actually a little sad when it was over. I’d highly recommend her if you’re thinking about it. Book one lesson with her and you’ll be glad you did.

    Simon Quinn, Louth
  • Amanda is a very qualified instructor, not only she knows all that you need to learn, she also knows how to teach. She is very patient and makes you feel confident. I really enjoyed each and every one of my lessons and I was a bit sad when they were over. We had a good time.

    I passed my test on my first attempt and I have to thank her for that. I definitely recommend Amanda for the first time drivers, nervous drivers, or drivers with bad habits like me! She will explain to you what you’re doing, answer your questions, build up your confidence, etc. She’s simply the best!

    Magda Bautista, Louth
  • I would recommend Amanda’s Driving School to anyone learning to drive. I passed my test and its all thanks to her. She has the patience of a saint and very easy to learn from. Thanks Amanda.

    Emma Glass
  • I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who want to pass their driving test. She is so professional, polite and friendly. What I like the most about Amanda was she can pick up every little details and tell you exactly what you do wrong. She knows all the test routes and will give you loads of tips on how to deal with different situations. I can not reccommend her enough, she is just an amazing teacher. Thank you so much Amanda.

    Sreenuan Matthews, Louth
  • Though I’m not one for making public endorsements, I have no issue in making an exception for Amanda. Whilst learning to drive, I found Amanda to be always cheerful and friendly. Her coherent feedback and advice, coupled with her attention to the smallest of details in driving, really brought value to every lesson.

    If you happen to be appehevsive or nervous about learning to drive, I sincerely recommend that you look no further than Amanda’s Driving School.

    John Neary, Dundalk
  • Before I did my EDT lessons with Amanda I was a nervous and anxious driver but from day one, I learnt to be relaxed through each lesson because that’s what Amanda does. She teaches you how to be a competent safe driver while at the same time she puts you at ease and also makes driving enjoyable. I passed my test first time around and I know I could not have done it without Amanda’s help. I have already recommended Amanda’s Driving School to some of my friends and will continue to recommend her in the future. Thanks a lot again Amanda.

    Conor Roche